Swarovski Chicks set of 3, no box

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Swarovski Ornaments, item #14824, 1988-2006 made in Austria. Retired, no longer available.
This set of 3 original Swarovski Baby Chicks is as rare as it is endearingly cute. Match with the Hen and Rooster to display the whole familiy or set them up on their own.
Mint Condition 14824 Miniatures – Chicken Set of Three, Size: 1/2" each in Clear Faceted Crystal With Jet Eyes and Frosted Beaks. Original Swarovski logo on each chicks foot proofs authenticity. This is the only set available. No box.
About Swarovski: When Daniel Swarovski first brought a sparkle to crystal, over a hundred years ago, he could never have imagined what a development he was setting in motion. With fantasy, intuition and technical finesse, he and his descendants have managed to expose all the facets hidden within this fascinating material. Today, sparkling Crystal Components in thousands of colors, shapes and sizes provide a fantastic palette of inspiration for designers and manufacturers. Swarovski creates a stunning portfolio of sparkling objects which make ideal gifts and collectibles. SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL is Made In Austria, each figurine, now matter how tiny, bears the original Swarovski Swan.