Dog Collars and Leashes

What do Dog Collars have to do with Chickens?

Well, nothing really. But since any self-respecting farm has to have at least one Dog chasing around the feather fowl it is only a small leap from Chicken obsession to Dog fanatic. And since we happen to have four tail-wagging, tongue-dangling, whole-digging fur babies bounding around the Chicken Coops, losing a collar or two every other week (am still waiting for a Dog Collar Tree to sprout up one day), we certainly have the need for a new Doggie adornment on a frequent basis. And since I keep finding great deals on closeout lots I wanted to make these Dog Collars available to everyone at a reasonable price. Why pay $ 15.00 for a collar when you can get the exact same quality for much less?

Shop Collars

Sometimes the collars we offer are expensive brand names, sometimes they are just plain colorful, and sometimes they are just fun to look at. Either way, they are always quality made. All our dogs are adopted mutts from various local animal shelters, so we offer a variety of rescue themed collars as well. Parts of the proceeds from the sale of our Dog items go to the local shelters or to finance starter puppy kits and vet care for people and their dogs that need the financial help.

We try to offer many collars for as little as $ 3.00, so feel free to shop for friends and family as well. A Shelter Dog will thank you !