We are a small farm at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, close to Asheville, NC.

At the time we moved to our farm, we had long been bitten by the Backyard Chicken Bug and owned about 20 Chickens. Since we now have much more land I was able to add all my favorite breeds and colors, and in no time we ended up with close to 200 chickens. Each one is as unique as its breed name, and if you are a true Chicken Fanatic, you know that no two chickens are alike. A lot of people wanted Orpingtons or Silkies, so I started selling hatching eggs and Baby Chicks.

Pretty soon I discovered that the area we live in is full of artists that create wonderfully unique items, such as yard art, paintings, statues etc. Small companies that still manufacture here in the USA take pride in their products, but are not that widely known. I began offering their items to anyone that picked up Chicks and added them to my online store. Near my home town in Germany traditional handmade Wood Toys and Christmas Decor are still being produced today, so I made it a point to offer their work as well.

One of my hobbies is Mini Gardening, so I started combining my hobby with my Chicken obsession and begun to create Chicken Themed Miniature Gardens, which I sold at the local farmers markets and in local Gift Shops. Not too long after I added Rooster and Chicken themed yard stakes and garden decorations to our selection. As I traveled the trade shows I started finding more and more chicken themed gift items that I added to my product selection, and since we grow flowering shrubs at the farm I began selling those products out of my plant shed as well.



Today, we sell plants wholesale and retail, hatching eggs and gift items on the farm and our Chicken themed gift shop online, as well as in local Craft Stores. Even though we offer wholesale, a lot of the gift items are unique and therefore only available in very limited quantities. The ever growing enthusiasm for Backyard Chickens has us expanding our gift selection as more and more Chicken Fans want to decorate their homes and gardens with Chicken, Rooster and Farm Animal Decor. We are more than glad to oblige, because we know from experience - once you are Chicken Stricken there is just no going back !