Sunrise Rooster Woven Wall Tapestry

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Custom made to order, up to 1 week

The tapestry is a large 34 inches wide by 26 inches tall, and is woven from 100% cotton in the USA using advanced Jacquard weaving techniques, which generates a depth and texture not found in traditional home decor.

This piece of wall art is woven “old school” by third generation North Carolina weavers on Mechanical Looms and HAND FINISHED for uniqueness. Miles of colored thread come together to create a perceptible and tangible texture and warmth to the art. The quality and intricate nature of the piece is unbelievable. Unlike other wall tapestries, this unique piece is not printed but woven, the woven texture adds dimensionality to the art which when viewed at a subtle distance creates a major visual impact.  

Due to the way they are made these tapestries are incredibly durable and can be moved, shipped, stored, ironed or vacuumed. Hang using brass furniture tacks (included) for a modern snug to the wall look or use the rod pocket sewn in on the back for a more traditional hanging look – Rod not included. 100% made in the USA in North Carolina.