Rooster & Cow large recycled Market Tote Bag double sided

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Prepare to spend more time at the Farmers Market with this double-sided Market Tote featuring a Cow on one side and a Rooster on the other. Why more time? Because people will want to stop you to look at your tote, which is quite different from others. A perfect gift for Chickenlovers, Cow Lovers or yourself.

The images are replicated from original paintings on burlap canvas, which gives the paintings a unique depth and dimension. One side is a beautiful Rooster, the other side a lovely cow.

Perfect for all your shopping needs this is not your average tote produced in mass. The tote is made of recycled post-consumer material, with a pocket on the inside, and double stitched Nylon hand and shoulder straps in a nice deep green, matching the beautiful designs on the tote.

Dimensions 15.50" x 15.25" x 6" bottom expansion. One (1) piece.