Premium Natural Feedmix

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Feed your Chickens the way nature intended - with a broad variety of herbs, flowers, seeds and grains. And don't forget the proteins! Our exclusive natural food supplement mix is made of 100% natural ingredients, with a high percentage of natural herbs and flowers for good digestions, egg shell development and natural parasite prevention. Meal worms for added protein, grit for proper digestion.

Packaged in either 1 and 2 lb bags, the 4 lb mix comes in a handy reusable small plastic bucket with lid and contains approx. 12 cups of food mix. Each batch is hand made per order, to ensure proper mix and maximum freshness (let us know if you have bantams and we will use smaller grit, plus grind the carrot pieces and other larger ingredients down to size). We grow Mealworms and some of the herbs ourselves, otherwise source organic whenever we can, never from China!

Excerpt of ingredients guaranteed in each batch :
Organic Corn / Organic Pellets / Mealworms/ Hops
Organic Carrot / Organic Calendula / Organic Nettle
Peppermint / Oregano / Organic Cornflower / Thyme
Organic Red Wheat / Barley / Sunflower Seed Kernels
Red Clover flowers / Hibiscus / Organic Echinachea
Rose Petals / Organic Parsley leaves / St. John's Worth
Pure AlfaAlfa seeds / Organic Chamomile Flowers / Grit