Mealworm Pickens' 100% non GMO

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Chickenstricken Mealworm Pickens’ – a 100% safe, non-GMO High Protein Snack for your chickens. Grown from the larvae of the Darkwing Beetle these Mealworms are preservative, additive and chemical free. Nothing but the freeze-dried worm!

Mealworms are high in protein, and hens need a huge amount of protein to lay eggs or replenish feathers during their molt. Or use as a quick snack that helps keep them healthy during their broody season; our hens usually shoot out of the pen to gobble up what they can in a few minutes before darting back to the nest to sit on their eggs, so I like having a small handful of worms at the ready for them to boost their immune system and provide the much needed nutrients.

Don’t forget about your boys, either. Our Roosters get lots of compliments on their beautiful, shiny feathering and dark red combs and beards. While most of them, being the ultimate gentleman, leave the worms for their ladies, we like to sneak them some Mealworms on the side while the Hens aren’t looking for that extra boost of Protein.

Packaged in Ziplock bags our Mealworms may not look as fancy as others sold online, but they are a 100% pure treat fresh from the farm for less and guaranteed not fed anything to "boost" growth so they can be sold for more money as large. We simply feed them with organic Oatbran mix and whatever Veggies and Fruits are left from the Kitchen Garden.

Choose your size, either 1/2 lb or full 1 lb bag. We weigh each batch as we fill it for you. The 1/2 bag gives you a full 6 cups of delicious worms.