Large Hen or Rooster Wooden Spoon

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Cheer up your kitchen with this solid Wooden Cooking Spoon featuring a Laser engraved Hen or Rooster. Made from solid Beachwood, treated with food safe Linseed Oil. Choose from Hen or Rooster motive.

The Spoon is a solid 12" long with a nice, big oval head 3.5 x 2.25", so you can stir plenty of Chicken Soup :) Handle is also sturdy enough to drill a small hole if you want to hang your spoon. These are handmade from Germany.

Note:Bow not included -but if you give your spoon as a gift this es an easy way to dress it up. Check out our Chicken motive ribbons.

Cooking Trivia: Did you know using a wooden Cooking Spoon either laid over your boiling pot or left in the boiling water will actually prevent your water from boiling over? The wooden spoon destabilizes the bubbles when they come in contact with it and makes the water retreat.