Handmade 3D Clay Animal Mugs, semi glazed, hand finished pottery. Rooster, Sheep, Cow &more

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A whimsical gift for kids and adults alike - these handmade 3D Animal Mugs are made from natural clay, each piece created by hand. Artisans form the 3D animal shape and create the finishing details using traditional pottery tools, then skillfully apply the color glaze on the motive. Sides and back of cup have added flowers or images. To finish the cup it is then semi glazed on the interior, rim and handle and baked in the oven to finish.

Every cup is unique and no two are exactly the same. Even when not in use these mugs are a piece of art you can use for decoration. A true heirloom piece of pottery and a fantastic teacher gift when used as pencil holder (available without handle on request)

Custom color requests or custom orders are available. Contact us.