Gourd Chicken Ornament, handcrafted by Peruvian Artists

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These natural Gourd Rooster Ornaments are sourced Fair Trade, supporting traditional Peruvian Artistry. Each piece is approx. 3-3.5" high, finely carved and dyed, finished in traditional wax to create a masterpiece that will last for generations. Every Chicken Gourd is unique, no two are the same. The perfect Gift for any Chicken Lover!

With each Gourd Chicken Ornament you not only receive a unique piece of art but you also support the life of a Peruvian family, enabling them to continue their heritage. Buy one for $12.95 or 2 for $ 20.00

How are these Gourd Rooster Ornaments made?

After harvesting the gourds, the process starts by selecting and “green-scraping” each gourd using a dull knife to shed the outer green skin and is then left to dry naturally in the sun of the coastal desert.

Next, the artist creatively draws the design with a pencil adapting to the unique shape of each gourd. A skillful carver then carefully etches the fine lines with a simple hand chisel. Using a technique called pyrography, fire then adds the rich shades of browns and blacks. Sometimes, after the carving and burning, a white paste is applied and washed off to highlight the intricate carvings. Finally the outside is waxed and polished, creating a one-of-a-kind artistic piece to treasure for generations!