French Country Roosters Trio Tapestry Placemats made in USA

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If you are after quality made in America then this French Rooster Trio Tapestry Placemat fits the bill. Made from 100% Cotton, woven in the USA using advanced Jacquard weaving techniques, these placemats show a depth and texture not found in other traditional home decor. A generous 17x12" size ensures room for a 5 course setting, or simply use as a table decoration.

Made by one of the last American Textil Mills in North Carolina these placemats are unique pieces of art.

· Soft Luscious feel with a quality and texture that only comes through weaving.
· Woven from 100% cotton ensuring vibrant colors
· Jacquard woven style lends a dynamic, textured look
· Hand finished for uniqueness
· Jacquard woven style provides true depth, texture and richness