Halloween for the Chicken Stricken means Rooster Pumpkin Patterns

Halloween for the Chicken Stricken means Rooster Pumpkin Patterns

Posted by Chickenstricken on Nov 26th 2019

Its not even the end of August and the stores start putting out their Halloween Decorations. While that usually annoys me to no end, this year I happened to stumble across a Halloween Decoration that involved Chickens. Well, maybe it was not meant as a Halloween Decoration, but it was a Pumpkin with Chickens printed on it no less. Which immediately made me think about how cool it would be to carve a pumpkin that is Chicken inspired, better yet, a whole row of pumpkins lining the front hill of the farm, one by one with a Hen, a Rooster, a Baby Chick.... since our front lawn is endless (several acres may I say) so are the possibilities. Alas! I am set upon a whole new path of obsession: The Halloween Rooster Pumpkin. Or the Chicken Halloween Pumpkin. Or the Baby Chick Halloween Pumpkin. Okay, maybe now we are getting a bit far from scary, but I never liked the whole scary thing at Halloween anyway.

So I set out to carve the perfect Chicken Pumpkin. Looking at the result, maybe I should not have free-handed it, I think next time I better find some online templates first. My Rooster rather looks like some fire dragon Phoenix. His butt was so big, it barely even fit on the pumpkin. Originally I wanted to have him devour a whole bunch of little pumpkins, but by the time I got to the little pumpkins it was almost midnight and I rather had enough of the carving. Here is the result of my first Halloween Chicken Pumpkin attempt. What do you think ?

pumpkin Chicken Carving

I looked around online for some Patterns to carve a Chicken Pumpkin, or better yet, a Rooster Halloween Pumpkin and came across some pretty neat stuff. Not sure if I could actually carve those; here are some of the templates I found:

Hen Pumpkin Carving Pattern

Chicken and the egg Carving Pattern