A simple and cute Easter Craft for kids - Egg cups made from Egg Cartons

Posted by Chickenstricken on Nov 26th 2019

Check out this super simple craft I found courtesy of 

It is perfect for Easter and can be made with even the smallest little tot - so cute!
What you need:
Egg Carton, red construction paper, a black marker, scissors and glue - that's it!
How to make these adorable Egg Carton Chickens with egg:
- Cut the cornered pieces of the Egg Carton
- Cut the comb and beak from red construction paper (you could also use yellow if you like)
- Glue the beak and comb on the cut out corner pieces
- Draw the eyes - Voila! Finished! So simple but so much fun for kids.
Tip: you could also decorate the sides or "chicken" with feathers, paper scraps, glitter etc.