Baby Chick Paper Lunch Napkins, Pack of 20 pcs

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These beautiful Paper Napkins feature a realistic Baby Chick painting on white Background.  Beautiful image printed on responsibly sourced paper, printed with environmentally safe paints, brilliant colors. Decorate your table for a special occasion or just make any day special with these beautiful napkins. Made in Germany by PaperDesign

Pack of 3-ply Napkins, Lunch size 13"x13", 20 pcs.   Perfect for Decoupage or other Arts and Craft projects!

PLEASE NOTE :   Almost all our Napkins are sourced from Europe and not available elsewhere. We feature Napkins from Germany, Italy, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium and many more countries to bring you the most unique and beautiful napkins for decorating your home or art projects. Due to the COVID supply issues we have experienced more shipping damages. On some of the Napkins the package may have opened, if this is an issue please do not purchase. Thank you.