100% Pure Wood Ash with Herbs & Diatomaceous Earth

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Protect your flock from parasites naturally with our 100% pure Wood Ash mix with diatomaceous earth and herbs for an added anti-parasitic effect and calming scent. Each bag contains a full 1 1/2 lbs of pure hardwood ashes, a full cup of diatomaceous earth and added dried herbs right from the garden.

Choose from Lavender or Peppermint, both of which have proven to not only act as a natural insecticide but also increase well being. Completely safe for yourself and your chickens it is perfectly fine for your chickens to ingest. Wood Ash is a natural detoxifier against instestinal worms, and rich in calcium, potassium phosphorus and magnesium. Use it pure or add soil and sand to make a dustbath mix your chickens will love. Ours like to sit in their little tub and enjoy the aroma while nibbling away. 

Why not just throw a couple logs on a fire in the backyard and use those ashes? Because in order to get a fine, high grade wood ash dust you need to reach extremely high temperatures which can best be reached with an internal combustor. We only use hardwood ashes, as pine and other wood may release tannins and other harmful ingredients. The ashes are so fine, if using as a dust bath you need to add equal parts soil (peat moss works well, but any dirt is fine) and sand to weigh them down.