Irish Moss, Sagina Subulata Groundcover

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This groundcover with its moss-like foliage forms a dense, cushy mat with a dark or bright green color, depending on how much sun it gets. Use it for walkways or spaces between stepping stones, or as an accent in a container garden.

It does great as a substitute for grass in the fairy garden and the tiny, white flowers add to its beauty during springtime. This herbaceous perennial tolerates light foot traffic and is rather easy to care for. Best if grown in partial to full shade, it does not like full sun like its other moss relatives. 

Height: 1-2" Spread: 8-12" Zone: 4-9 Flower: tiny white Light: sun to partial shade Bloom Time: May through July

4" quart pot. Please note that some states might be restricted. Live plants must be shipped Priority Mail.