Green Splendor Arborvitae Thuja Plicata "Green Splendor" - grows super fast, deep green color

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Green Splendor Arborvitae is a fast growing evergreen variety that is a great substitution to the Green Giant variety everyone knows and uses due to it being widely available. Our variety, Green Splendor Thuja grows almost as fast but their growth habit is slightly more slender & columnar than Green Giant, making it look more "estately" and "orderly" since it wont have sagging branches. It also is known to hold excellent dark green color throughout the winter months. Use it for fast privacy screens, borders, or windbreak - just like Green Giant but with a more manicured look.

Mature Height:30-50 Feet, Mature Spread:8-15 Feet, Hardiness Zone:5-9

Our plants are already over 2 ft tall, ready to plant. At this price everyone can afford a privacy screen!