Elfin Thyme

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This hard to find groundcover is one of the best plants for any Minature Garden Enthusiast. With its tiny leaves and dense spreading habit, Elfin Thyme makes a perfect lawn for any Fairy Garden. The tiniest flowers emergy in the summer, making it even more a delight to look at. In partial shade, Elfin Thyme grows little hummocks, which is ideal if you want to create a hilly look. For a lawn like appearance ensure a minimum of 5 hours sunlight each day.

Height: 0.5-1"  Spread:  8-12"  Zone:  3-10  Growth Habit: forms a dense mat of tiny glossy fragrant leaves and tiny purple flower, blooming in June through early August. Full sun, light, well drained soil.


Or if you are just looking for a dense, carpet-like groundcover, Elfin Thyme is right for you.

4" quart pot. Please note that some states might be restricted. Live plants must be shipped Priority Mail.