Corkscrew Rush Grass Quart Pot

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If you want to add some quirky effects to your container, Fairy or Miniature Garden then Juncus effusus spiralis Twister, or better said "Corkscrew Rush" is the plant for you.

Corkscrew Rush is grown for its dark green twisted corkscrew-type foliage. It is very hardy, to zone 4, this perennial rush is versatile enough to take full sun to part shade light conditions and requires very little care. If planted in ponds it should be kept very near the surface of your pond as it does not prefer much depth, it does very well in containers and Fairy Garden Plantings as these tend to be shallow. Prefers lots of moisture.

4" quart pot, live plant. Please note plants have to ship Priority Mail, some states may restrict this plant.