Calycanthus Floridus "Carolina Allspice" Sweetshrub -3 Gallon large plant

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A native Carolina plant Calycanthus floridus, commonly called Carolina allspice, or Sweetshrub is a dense, rounded shrub which grows on average to 6-9 ft. tall with an equal or slightly greater spread for a well rounded look. This plant grows easily in medium, well-drained soil in full sun to partial shade. Prune immediately after flowering to shape it to a nice round form or maintain compactness of the shrub. Carolina Allspice features very fragrant, brown to reddish-brown flowers (2" across) which typically bloom in May. The fragrance has been described as pineapple, cinnamon, strawberry or a hint of banana - no matter what it smells like to you, it smells intensely delicious which is why this is a very popular native shrub. The leaves turn golden yellow in the fall.The leaves of this plant are also very aromatic when bruised.

These are large, mature plants in 3 Gallon pots, already 3+ ft tall

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