Bouncee Animals Handmade Wooden Toy with Spring

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Bouncee Animals - handmade Vintage Wooden toy attached to a metal spring that will make it swing up and down. The whimsical design of these critters and the attention to detail, such as the googly eyes and cute smiles make this a hit for young and old. The fascination of watching the gentle sway of the Bouncee is almost hypnotic.

Works wonders for the little ones to distract them, like over a crib or changing table. The calming motion can help them go to sleep as well.

Also makes a great fun gift for coworkers, grandparents or teachers - I have not met anyone yet that was not fascinated by those little critters and had more than one delighted grand partent buy two of these - usually one for themselves. Check all available animals and figurineses in our shop.

Made from solid turned wood, approx. 5" in height without the metal spring. Comes with wooden ring to hang, spring is replaceable. Finished with non-toxic natural stains. Made in Germany by traditional Wood Workers that still take pride in their craft. Please note that this is not a toy to be given to children unsupervised, it is for hanging only.

Only limited quantities available, production and shipping of new ones can take up to 2 weeks. Contact us for special orders.