Blue Star Creeper Groundcover, Quart Pot

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This super cute little creeping perennial forms a dense flat carpet of tiny green leaves adorned with an abundance of the tiniest light blue flowers all summer long. Ideal for rock gardens, between stepping stones or as a lawn substitute in the real garden or in a Fairy Garden or Miniature Garden Planting. Grows very vigorous, as it spreads you can rip apart the clumps to form new plants.

One of our favorites as a lawn in Fairy Garden plantings due to its flat growth and tiny flowers. Simply adorable!

Height: 1-2" Spread: 6-12" Zone: 5-10 Growth Habit: creeping Foliage: tiny green leaves with tiny light blue flowers
Light: full sun Bloom Time: June through September

4" quart pot. Please note that some states might be restricted. Live plants must be shipped Priority Mail.